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SL-RS232 Converter

Interface between SITE-LOG logger and RS232 standard. Model No. ASL-RS232-1

SL-RS232 Converter is used to convert SITE-LOG data logger's TTL level communication signal to RS232 standard.

Applications of SL-RS232 Converter:
  • Computer only has COM port :
    If the compuer does not have any USB port, or if you want to use COM port of the computer to communicate with a SITE-LOG data logger.
  • Host device is not computer :
    If the host device is not a computer but it has a RS232 communications port.
SL-RS232 Converter Specifications
Convert TTL to RS232 level standard.
DB-9 Female:
Connecting to host serial port (DB-9 male).
Connecting to Site-Log data logger (AUX port).
Cable Length:
3 FT.

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ASL-RS232-1 SL-RS232 Converter