DSP-2C Site USB Device Server Pro

DSP-2C Site USB Device Server Pro

The Site USB Device Server Pro (DSP-2C) is an innovative USB-over-Ethernet device server designed to enable remote access to data loggers through Microedge's systems. 

Its powerful performance is based on a Single Board Computer (SBC), allowing it to operate at maximum capacity.

Its sturdy aluminum enclosure is built to withstand harsh environments, ensuring reliability in even the toughest conditions. 

With DSP-2C, all you need to do is plug it into your Ethernet port, connect your data loggers, and enjoy seamless viewing and management of your data loggers through Microedge's software and systems, including SiteView, SiteView-SDK, SiteView-Web, and Pluto web server hardware.


  • Remote Access:
    Communicate with data logger from any place where Ethernet/Internet is available.
  • Multiple Access:
    Unlimited clients can access the same data logger simultaneously.
  • Multiple Data Loggers:
    Up to 4 data loggers (SITE-LOG, iLOG, PRECISE-LOG) can be connected to one DSP-2C.
  • Secured Password Protection:
    Only authorized clients can access and configure the data loggers. Web admin portal is provided for port and password configuration.
  • Dynamic IP Addressing:
    The IP address is assigned automatically by the DHCP server after DSP-2C is connected to the network.
  • Power Source to Data Loggers: 
    DSP-2C provides 5VDC power supply to the connected data loggers, preserving data loggers’ on-board battery.


Site USB Device Server Pro Specifications 

Site USB Device Server Pro Quick Start

  • $249.00(USD)

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