Product Release - Site USB Device Server Pro

Posted by MEI 04/02/2021 0 Comment(s) News & Press Release,

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new product - Site USB Device Server Pro (DSP-1).

A USB Device Server is a USB-over Ethernet device server that allows Microedge's data loggers to be accessed by Microedge's software applications remotely, such as SiteView desktop application, SiteView-Web web server application running under all operating systems and Pluto hardware.

DSP-1 is based on Single Board Computer (SBC), providing the highest performance and low power consumption. Its slim form factor design makes it ideal for system integration applications.

DSP-1 offers four on-board USB ports allowing four data loggers to be connected instantaneously. It has not only an Ethernet port, providing cabled network but also a WIFI module, allowing it to be placed anywhere cabled network may not be available.

Please visit the product specifications page for details.