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Powerful Custom Equations
Demo Sample Code
Support USB, Serial, Ethernet
Tabular, Statistics, Curve Views
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SiteView SDK

Software Development KIt working with Microedge data loggers. Model No. SSDK-1

SiteView Software Development Kit (SDK) is a .NET assembly (dll) used as a software driver/library of Microedge data loggers. Customers may develop their own Windows applications using the SDK to communicate with Microedge data loggers, configure new sessions, retrieve statuses, and download data.

SiteView SDK includes all general functionalities to fulfill your data logging related tasks. It handles the complexity behind the scene, leaving the customer's application neat and clean.

SiteView SDK is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 and 10.

  • Support USB, Serial port and Ethernet connections for easy local and remote access
  • Categorize the functionalities in Communications, data logger and other object-oriented entities.
  • Provide easy to use configuration user interfaces for editing unit, equation and plot properties
  • Include a standard user control that displays the downloaded data in both graphical and tabular views - you can integrate the control into your application within a minute.
SiteView SDK Specifications
Software Development Kit working with Microedge data loggers.
Product Name:
SiteView SDK
System Requirements
CPU: 1.0 GH or above
Memory: 256K or above
Port: 1 USB port or 1 COM port
Hard Drive: 1GB or above
Operating System:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
supported Interface:
USB, Serial Port, Ethernet
Baud Rate:
Auto-detect baud rate from 2400 to 115200 bps
Logger Interaction:
Status View:
Retrieve status of the connected logger
Configure logger for new recording session
Tabula, graph view, statistics
Configure axis, lines, view properties
Zoom in, zoom out, scale zoom, box zoom, time-span zoom
Label and Annotation:
Add, edit, delete graph labels and line annotaitons
Measurement conversion:
Custom Equation:
Add, edit, delete custom equation
Custom-Line Equation:
Add, eidt, delete custom-line equation
Unit and Subunit:
Add, edit, remove unit and subunit
Data Importing/Exporting:
SiteView File:
Load single or multiple SiteView files into one viewport
Export graph to images: Emf, PNG, Gif, Jpeg, Tiff, Bmp file format
Export graph to text: csv, txt
Save multiple SiteView files to single SiteView file
Print graph, tabular data, statiscis.
Equations & Units:
Import, Export Equation files and Unit files.
Help Files:
Portable Document Format(.PDF)
Microsoft Compiled HTML Help(.CHM)

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SSDK SiteView Software Develoment Kit