About Us

Microedge Instruments is a global leader in the supply of information data loggers. We offer an extensive range of data loggers for monitoring environmental factors, such as ambient or remote temperature, relative humidity, processing voltage, current, and more.

Our products find widespread use in various industries, including manufacturing, industrial processes, aerospace, education, agriculture, pharmaceutical, and environmental. By combining our portable instruments with our robust data processing software, our customers can easily configure and manage the data loggers while also analyzing and interpreting recorded data using tabular and graphic views.

Our design and manufacturing team, situated in breathtaking British Columbia, Canada, is dedicated to exploring innovative and cutting-edge technologies, recognizing that our products are widely employed in the most demanding and mission-critical applications that require performance, reliability, and accuracy.

At Microedge Instruments, we take pride in our commitment to listening and responding to our customers' needs, creating value to earn their loyalty, learning from any shortcomings, and keeping our promises.

Our Mission:

Create Innovative and state of the art data loggers with software and services to support them.