How to Use Access Point (AP) of Data Logger

Posted by MEI 03/06/2019 0 Comment(s) Technical Notes,

Recently, PRECISE-LOG data loggers were upgraded with a new communication feature called 'AccessPoint Server' mode. In this mode, the data logger will provide an Access Point for host computer to join in order to make a quick and easy point-to-point communication.

To use this new feature, please download the new version of SiteView software (version 4.1.3) and upgrade PRECISE-LOG with new firmware version 2.04.

The followings are the detailed steps to communicate with PRECISE-LOG data logger through 'AccessPoint Server' mode:

  1. Click on 'Configure' button on the logger's status toolbar:

    cnfigure logger

  2. Click 'WIFI Settings' tab and choose 'AccessPoint Server' mode:

    wifi configuration

    Note that the 'AP SSID' is read only and your host PC needs to connect to this access point. The login password is the one you set below 'AP SSID' field.

    The logger's IP address is fixed to ''

  3. Change 'AP Password' as needed. Minimum length:8 characters.
  4. Click 'Save WIFI settings' button.

    This will save the settings to the logger. Please wait a minute for the logger to establish its WIFI access point (AP).

  5. From the host computer, open the WIFI network list to look for an access point named 'PL' + 'Serial Number of the logger'

    wifi access point

  6. Click the access point and choose 'Connect'. Type in the password you set in 'AP Password field' in the previous step. Wait until you have joined the network.
  7. Inside SiteView, go to 'USB Server' panel:

    wifi access point

  8. Click 'Create New' icon to create an AP connection.

    wifi access point

  9. In the pop-up dialog, fill in the IP address field with '' and give a name to this connection. Then click OK button to create the connection.

    wifi access point

  10. Double click on the newly created icon to start communication with the data logger.

    If everything is fine, you should see the logger icon shows under the new created connection.

    wifi access point

  11. Double click the logger icon to show the logger status window.

Congratulations! You have changed the logger's setting and made the connection with the logger via AccessPoint Server mode.