SHT11 RH & Temperature Sensor Probe

SHT11 RH & Temperature Sensor Probe

SHT11 RH & Temperature Sensor Probe consists of a SHT11 digital RH & Temperature sensor from Sensirion and a sintered copper protection housing. It is used to measure ambient relative humidity and temperature, the data can be transferred to host device via I2C communications. It works with any device supporting I2C comm. interface.

Applications of SHT11 Sensor Probe:

  1. High Accurate Relative Humidity and Temperature Measurement
  2. Harsh Industrial Environment
  3. Space limited area

Please refer to Sensirion for detailed specifications of SHT11 sensor.


SHT11 RH & Temperature Sensor Probe Specifications

SHT11 Digital Sensor Specifications

Product Name SHT11 RH & Temperature Sensor Probe
Model ASHT-11
Internal Sensors
Manufacturer Sensirion
Manu. Model SHT11
Channels Relative humidity (0 ~ 100% RH)
Temperature (-40°C ~ 70°C, -40°F ~ 158°F)
Resolution Temperature channel: 12-bit
RH channel: 12-bit
Max. Clients Up to five clients can access one data logger at the same time.
Accuracy Temperature:+/- 0.4°C at 25°C
Relative humidity channels: +/-3% (20% - 80% RH)
Source Voltage 2.4 to 5.5 VDC, typical: 3.3 VDC
Comm. Interface Digital 2-wire interface: I2C
Length 3 ft
Protecting Housing Sintered copper
Connection Four open wires: Power, Ground, SCK, Data
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