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Site USB Device Server Pro (DSP-2C)

Site USB Device Server Pro (DSP-1) is a USB-over Ethernet device server that allows Microedge’s systems to access data loggers remotely. 

DSP-1 is based on Single Board Computer (SBC), providing powerful performance at the maximum capacity.

Its slim form factor makes it perfect for system integration applications.

Just plug DSP-1 into your Ethernet port, connect data loggers to it and enjoy viewing and managing the data loggers from all software and systems Microedge offers such as SiteView, SiteView-Web and Pluto web server hardware.

If you don’t have a cable network, no problem, DSP-1 has a WIFI module that can be used to connect to your local network wirelessly.


  • Remote Access:
    Communicate with data logger from any place where Ethernet/Internet is available.
  • Multiple Access:
    Unlimited clients can access the same data logger simultaneously.
  • Multiple Data Loggers:
    Up to 10 data loggers (SITE-LOG, iLOG, PRECISE-LOG) can be connected to one DSP-1.
  • Secured Password Protection:
    Only authorized clients can access and configure the data loggers. Web admin portal is provided for port and password configuration.
  • Dynamic IP Addressing:
    The IP address is assigned automatically by the DHCP server after DSP-1 is connected to the network.
  • Power Source to Data Loggers: 
    DSP-1 provides 5VDC power supply to the connected data loggers (up to four), preserving data loggers’ on-board battery.


Site USB Device Server Pro Specifications 

Site USB Device Server Pro Quick Start

General Information
Product Name Site USB Device Server Pro
Model DSP-1
Software Embedded software supports communications with:
SiteView, SiteView-Web, Pluto
IP Addressing Dynamic
Power Requirements 5VDC, USB cable provided
Approvals CE, FCC
Network Connections
Ethernet Ethernet (1 – RJ45 Female)
WIFI 1 – IEEE 802.11ac WIFI module
Data Logger Connections
USB 4 – USB A Female. Powered USB hub required for more than four data loggers
Supported Data Loggers SITE-LOG, iLOG, PRECISE-LOG
Max. Data Loggers Up to 10 data loggers can be accommodated
Max. Clients Unlimited
Operating Environment 0 ~ +50 °C (32 °F ~ 122 °F), 10 ~ 90% RH non-condensing
Dimension 85 X 56 X 20 mm (3.35 X 2.2 X 0.79 in)
Weight 48g (0.106 pounds)


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